Aries Security - Welcome to our Site

Welcome to Our Site

Aries Security Services is known for its excellence in the rapid mobilization and provision of service to the construction industry. The company focuses on delivery of site support services to various clients active in the construction sector. From the largest UK construction site to smaller independent builders, Aries Security Services provides a range of turnkey solutions to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of its customers assets and operations.

1. We can help deliver operational efficiency for you and your customer

2. We like to build long-term relationships with our customers

3. We like to help deliver environmental sustainability, today and for the future

Our aim is to take away some of the mundane jobs within the areas of construction, allowing the customer more time to look after the contract in hand.

Some of which are

1. Security

2. On-Site cabin and office cleaning

3. Site cleaning and waste management

4. Supply of general labour

5. Emergency out of hours help


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